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2013 USA Best Books Awards FINALIST
2013 Indie Book Awards FINALIST
2013 Global Book Contest 1st Place
AMAZON Bestseller
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2013 AUTHORSdb Best Book Covers finalist




Commenting on powdered alcohol in The Washington Post and The LA Times

Replay the first of two 2015 appearances on BoostRadio's Help! My Mid-Life Sucks

CBS Sports Radio "Power Up Your Health" replay

HOLIDAY "Get It Together Girl" RADIO PROGRAM Replay 

Replay the WIND-AM560 interview on AgingInfo Radio's program

Featured by family recovery counselor, Cathy Taughinbaugh, on Treatment Talk 
Featured as the Addiction and Recovery Industry Award Winner on HeathTap 

Replay of the 7/5 Rebecca L. Mahan Show

Replay of the Alternative Medicine and Wellness program Sedona Talk Radio iTunes

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Three dynamic books on Alcoholism, what works and what doesn't work so well, wrapped around a stunning personal story with something for Alcoholics and non-Alcoholics alike.


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